Prof Mohamed Hyder: A tribute by Bi Latifa Chiraghdin


Today, we celebrate posthumous your life achievements.

We can never forget nor calibrate upon the impact you’ve had on so many lives.

With notable academic distinctions, you never shied on socio-cultural commitments.

To some, you struck them with awe and admiration and yet to some, you were simply “MWENETU!” (Our child)

However, you were not only a colossal academic full of charismatic wisdom;

But an affable liberal father who steered many in actualizing their vision.

On a personal note: To us Baba Mwamadi was a “HARDY”, abd my father Baba Shihab, a “LAUREL”.

The two patriachs, two very different personalities, yet so distinct in similarities.

Whose lives were intertwined from the academics of “MFUNZI” in a Madrassa to the DYNAMICS of Makerere University.

Both always keen and eager to work on new researches that gathered much to impart.

Though it was not always work with no play, we still do reminisce some adventurous expeditions.

From game drives and hunting trips in Mwaluganje and Shimba Hills in Kwale; to the shores of Tiwi, Diani, Watamu and Malindi Marine Parks.

There were some trips that felt like “BOOT CAMPS”. But we now appreciate the experience and indelible lessons gained.

Yes Baba you fought a tough battle and you fought well!

And now that the Almighty has deemed fit to take you HOME;

We are ever so grateful for the countless blessings the ALMIGHTY bestowed upon us through such a wonderful and great CHARACTER.

Rest well BABA you have indeed lived by “ISHI SANA, UFE SANA”.


Latifa S Chiraghdin

academic, Makerere, patriarch, prof Hyder

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