Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission is strictly open to only writers within or from the East African coast.
  2. For the sake of promoting writing in the East African coast, Hekaya is currently accepting unsolicited submissions unless when stated otherwise.
  3. All submissions should be sent to the editor through
  4. Please include author name, title of your article and word count on the first page of your article. Send a bio of not more than 100 words written in third person accompanied by a photo. Please do include an image which deem appropriate to be published alongside your article.
  5. All pages must be numbered.
  6. Word count for short fiction should be between 2,500 to 5,000 words. For poetry you may submit up to 3 poems of not more than 120 lines each with a word count not exceeding 1500. Nonfiction can go up to 8,000 words max. We’re happy to publish excerpts from books as well. Please indicate whether your submission is an excerpt.
  7. The initiative seeks to publish and promote stories from the East African coast and would love to motivate the contributors in whichever form, monetary or otherwise. However, this may take some time but believe you us; we are working to get to a position where every contributor is rewarded for their work.
  8. Your work should be formatted in Times New Roman, 12 point with double spacing.
  9. Translated works are also accepted. Kindly credit original author and text.
  10. For any other esquires and for the sake of convenience, please direct them to



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