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Marcel Aduda

Marcel Aduda is a  writer, artist, singer, songwriter and poet residing in Nairobi Kenya. He has a passion for writing and the arts, hence his numerous interests in various artistic fields.

Sante [an excerpt]

February 3, 2013 (Prodigy) “Useless!” he yells, violently tumbling books off his desk and down to the floor. “Why can’t I get it right?” “Dude!” Malik’s voice pierces through the commotion from an adjacent hallway. “What’s the problem again?” he asks, his hand pushing a partially open door into a dimly lit room. “Malik, the equation is unstable I’m having problems with a variable,” Koech says. “Really? And here I was thinking you were in a life threatening crisis,” Malik responds sarcastically as he strides past a pile of books and scattered papers towards the now slumped figure in the middle of the room. “You’ll never get it brother, if I crack it I’ll be able to unlock and replicate with precision, any numerical sequence generated by man or machine.”

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