Hekaya (Swahili for narrative/ tale/ story) is a Mombasa-based Initiative seeking to publish prose, poetry and photography from the East African littoral zone from Mogadishu to Mozambique and including Comoros and Seychelles. The scope may seem quite large, and it is, but when you look closely, the expanse is narrowed down by the commonality in terms of language, culture, music, religion among other things The area is rich in history and culture, and Hekaya seeks to showcase this in form of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and photography. At the same time, the initiative is looking at hosting creative writing workshops with the aim of making better story tellers in whichever genre while at the same time engaging in interactive dialogues with both established and emerging writers about improving writing in the region. Hekaya will be publishing at least two anthologies yearly, one of which shall be exclusively for emerging writers in schools and tertiary institutions.  
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