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Shadrack Katana

Shadrack Mturi Katana is a lecturer of Mathematics and Finance at Co-operative University in Mombasa City. Shadrack holds MBA Finance option (University of Nairobi) and Bsc Mathematics (Moi University). Born and raised in Malindi, he grew up writing stories in school. His dad Julius Katana who is now deceased wrote various plays in the 1980s which were never published.  Shadrack Mturi who goes by the pen-name Mariko Menza II writes Swahili poetry and short stories. Twitter:     @Mtukatana Facebook:    Mturi Katana Instagram:   mtu_katana  

Three counts of Rose

Rose stared at the clock wishing it could move quickly so that she could live her life. The time had finally come to appear before the Church Council. She had been accused of many things and wrong doings. This was the time to set the record straight. The provost at the reception of the church office had served her with nice lemon tea and snacks and informed her that she would beckon her to go in at exactly four thirty. Rose loved tea, lemon tea and she wondered how the provost knew this. 

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