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Farrah Bhaijee

Farrah Bhaijee is an upcoming fancy-spancy author. She is the founder of Kahawa Mombasanii that she manages where there are weekly entries on a modern Kenyan Romeo and Juliet, fiction and nonfiction entries and maintains a daily (somewhat dashing) diary entry on Twitter. She pokes a toe in some Youtube and art too. Ohhlaaalaaa! She is well known for saying shit she shouldn’t and can’t stop eating throughout the day. She hopes to one day be a guest speaker in some big graduation event so she can tell the soon to be grownups that ‘adulting sucks’... mic drop.

Sand in the bottle [excerpt]

There are many reasons why this small island is the African Hawaii. Timeless attractions such as lighthouse whose trademark is fresh crunchy kachri that one can eat Cliffside while watching the guy sliding his knife effortlessly on the hard coconuts. Fresh mahamri and viazi every morning and the bhajia, viazi and ukwaju in the evening at almost every corner. The warm breeze swaying around the towering palm trees all over the compact island. The vibrant culture pulsating through the ground and its people. The beautiful and breathtaking sandy beaches, crowded town streets where one can find handmade goods and really cheap second hand imports. Mombasa is a fusion of culture, religion and language coexisting in perfect unity.

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