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Abdulqadir Mahmoud

Abdulqadir Mahmoud is a 4th year student taking Bsc Agribusiness management and trade in Pwani University. He is also a writer, peer counselor and mentor and an avid contributor and executive in various community based organizations around Mombasa. Abdulqadir believes in the raw potential and greatness everyone has in their own path. He has dedicated his efforts in ushering in the upcoming future leaders of the Coast by building them from within through his writings, mentoring and interactions. He aspires to see substantial personalities in people, courage in leaders and intellect in thinking. He blogs more of his passions @

The Holmes gene

The ocean wavered, transferring its energy through gentle crests which crushed against the coral below us. The sound of the crushing waves fused with the cheerful laughter from my friends harmoniously. I zoned back in to the energy of my friends as they cheerfully tell stories, sipping away at their gahwa beneath the residential storey buildings shading us from the setting sun. The buildings gave way to a cemented patio that stood just at the edge of the corals with a railed ending; this made up the coffee joint. I loved my gahwa as sweet as they come.

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