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Tom Mwiraria

Tom Mwiraria ,the founder of Impact  Voices is a story teller,Journalist and social rights enthusiast. Author of a travel non-fiction 'Enchanted Kenya' and collection of short stories entitled ,the 'Land of bones'.Writer with Daily Nation ,WILK -Why I Love Kenya Magazine and Kasoma Africa .Contributed short stories  on :Hekaya Review ,Writers Space Africa and Writers Guild of Kenya.Contributed Essays and papers on and and Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda -STTA .Writing  Coach.Member of Young African Leaders Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Writers Guild of Kenya (WGK)

Strangers in their own land.

Webs of lines are etched deeply into his face. A set of languid, deeply burrowed eyes tell the tale of a man tortured by life. If you pick a random event from precolonial Kenya, this man was probably a little older than that. With each hunching movement he clenches his gum and complains that a terrible ache pierces his back ‘like needles’. The elderly man had long forgotten what it felt to have joints that moved with ease without torturing him with a sting of pain.

As I help him onto a well-aged three- legged seat under a towering palm-tree, he lets out a shriek like a man who had stepped on thorns. This man is a member of a little Known Pemba community living in the Kenyan Coast.

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